Udemy Review

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information on this page or website or in my book. Results can vary from person to person.

Udemy dot com has many online courses and many students worldwide. My passive income book discusses how Udemy can help you. To summarize here, Udemy can be part of your PURR Passive Income Power™ journey in the following ways:

  1. Learn new things as you need them for the journey you are on.
  2. Use their search engine to research profit potential in your chosen niche.
  3. Make affiliate commissions by recommending Udemy courses to your tribe.
  4. Create your own courses to upload and sell on Udemy.

Udemy is essentially the Amazon of online courses. They have a 5 star rating system and public user reviews. Similar to Amazon they do a lot to market your courses for you. They do all the heavy lifting of collecting online payments and managing affiliates that will help you promote your courses.

To signup as an affiliate simply follow the Affiliates link at the bottom of any page on Udemy. When you click on join you will notice they ask you about your website where you will be promoting the courses. As with most things in the Digital Age, you will need to have your own web presence to gain traction. The starting point is to start your blog (in 5 minutes).

How Udemy can help you today depends on where you are at in your journey. If you are just starting out, consider Udemy as a means to learn new things that will accelerate your progress on your Digital Age ventures.

Another favorite of mine is the Wealthy Affiliate program. Check out that link to learn the many ways Wealthy Affiliate can help you succeed online.

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