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Setting up a blog that you own and control in 5 minutes or less really is possible. The trick is to signup for the necessary web hosting with a company that specializes in WordPress. At the end of the signup process your basic blog will be up and running.

The web hosting company you will signup with below is just such a company. I use them for this (WordPress) blog you are on right now. I’ve been very impressed with their service and performance compared to other web hosts I have tried. They have great support for WordPress users including videos showing how to spice up your blog (e.g. by installing new WordPress themes).

The screenshots below are taken from the signup process I went through to get hosting for an author site I am planning to work on as time permits. Although signup processes can change over time, the screenshots should give you a good idea of what to expect at each step. The link below will open in a new tab (leaving this page open as a reference):

Go to InMotionHosting dot com and Follow the Steps Below

The first step is to choose your plan. Browse that first page after clicking the above link to see all they have to offer. It should mention that you get a free domain name as part of the signup process, among other things.


Update: There is a new link to a BoldGrid video on that page that wasn’t there when I signed up. I haven’t tried it, but it looks like a great way to spice up your WordPress site very quickly, and it is included with your hosting plan. If you give it a try please let everyone know how you like it in the comments section at the end of this post!

Next you pick your pricing and term:
You have to say you will purchase the new domain. Later on in the process you will see they make it free for the first year:
I purposely took a step back and chose a domain I know is already taken just so I could see what happens. Just try again if the first domain name you choose is taken:
Since I included my PURR brand name in the domain for my new author site, I was pretty sure it would be available:
Next they collect your details. For the speed zone just choose what side of North America you live on. If you don’t live in North America don’t worry about it, this isn’t going to make much difference. It just means you might be able to access your own site a bit faster if you choose servers close to where you live.

Notice the bit about “all accounts are approved by phone prior to setup.” I asked them about that on the phone later. They said they only really need to do that if there are any red flags with your signup, like if you are signing up from a different place than what is shown on your credit card.
Next you have a few choices to make. I always choose domain privacy. It cuts down on the spam emails you will get. Without this your contact information will be publicly available. I don’t bother with the anti virus, I feel I have that covered in other ways.

The real magic here is when you select “Install WordPress.” You will have a fully functioning WordPress site as soon as you are done with this signup process. You will be able to login to your wordpress dashboard and create your first post immediately!

Now comes time to pay. Notice they removed the fees for the domain name I chose:
The following is what I got when the payment was complete. I chose the “CALL ME” option and got a nice call from them about 15 or 20 minutes later. They just wanted to make sure I got all the emails with links to how to get started, and to let me know they have 24/7 live support. I tried it later and sure enough you get a real, friendly, knowledgeable person to talk to. This is definitely not the case with some web hosts I have had in the past:


After I clicked CALL ME:
I went to my new blog shortly after I was done (within 5 minutes), and it was already up and running with a basic theme pre-installed. Although it does get setup immediately, depending on where you live it could take a bit longer for it to “propogate” to where you are. If you can’t see it right away don’t worry, just wait a bit and try again. In my case I signed up from Canada and was able to see it pretty much right away.
Wordpress comes with a sample post so you can see how it looks. Making it look better is a job for another day. Inmotion has lots of resources to help with that, and I’ll probably discuss some of the things I did to make the blog you are on now look the way it does in the Email Newsletter.


One of the initial emails you get will ask you to click on a link that takes you to a page like this:


Your welcome email will include details on how to access your wordpress dashboard, and will provide you with an initial password for that. However, to access your hosting account you will be asked (via the welcome email) to choose your password.

That’s it, you are up and running with your first blog!

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information on this page or website or in my book. Results can vary from person to person.

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