MONEY Master the Game by Anthony Robbins

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information on this page or website or in my passive income book. Results can vary from person to person.

My passive income book has a small section where it discusses passive income investing, and references Anthony Robbins excellent book MONEY Master the Game. As my book does little to address how to invest the money you make beyond re-investing it back into your online business, I wanted to point you to a good resource that tells you the real truth behind the investment industry. Although investing in yourself by re-investing profits back into your business is a great strategy for accelerating your growth, you may have more money to invest or want to diversify beyond your own business.

You may be surprised and more than a little bit angry when you learn just how much hidden fees on certain popular kinds of investments eat into your life savings. The kicker is the investment companies make their money whether you make money or not. Many of them will advise that you buy products that make them the most money. In many cases you are not getting unbiased investment advice from your “trusted” advisors.

I read all 600 pages of Anthony’s book and feel you should read it to. I get nothing out of this recommendation. I just really think you need to know this stuff!

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