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Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information on this page or website or in my book. Results can vary from person to person.

My passive income book links to this post in several places to provide specific details on the latest software I recommend for managing your PURR Power Wheel™ Spins and teams. The Digital Age Tools page has more tools for you to consider (e.g. a free mindmap tool for doing your Vision Exercises from the book).  

Here on this page I am only presenting free software related to managing your projects and teams.The free software options are very good. Chances are you won’t need anything more to manage your PURR Passive Income Power™ projects. Two categories of project management related software were discussed in the book:

1. Free software to create training materials for your team:

For screencast videos I have used Camtasia Studio in the past. A good free alternative is Jing which can be found at Techsmith dot com.

For fancy presentations (not screencasts) Prezi has a free option.

2. Free software to manage Spins and Teams:

Managing your PURR Power Wheel™ spins is discussed in detail in my passive income book. The free software that I feel is best suited for managing your spins can be found at Trello dot com, a completely online service where you have nothing to download and install. With Trello you can configure it to use all the PURR Power Wheel™ terminology introduced in the book.

You will be able to create “buckets” that Trello refers to as Cards, which are the basic unit of a Trello board. You can create and name one for your PURR Hopper, and one for each Spin. Add your SMART PURR Tasks to each card as you see fit. Drag and drop to prioritize tasks within a Card. Drag and drop to move tasks from your PURR Hopper to a Spin. If you have a team, invite them in and assign tasks to them within Trello.

Trello is very intuitive and easy to use. Go ahead and take it for a spin!

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