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The Team Build chapter in the book covers all kinds of ways to find help with your Digital Age ventures. The freelance page on this blog offers some great services that you can use to find temporary help on specific SMART PURR Tasks. This page does the same when it comes to finding a good long term, full or part time virtual assistant to help you with your business.The Team Build chapter in the book goes into the different kinds of virtual assistants (VAs) you may want to hire. It discusses the pros and cons of the different ways to go about hiring them and working with them on a day to day basis. That information will not be repeated here.

Instead, this page is linked to from within the book, and is meant to provide links to specific services that will help you find good VAs. Since these services may come and go over time, I feel it is better to list them on a blog page rather than in the book. Here things can be kept up to date with the latest services, and you can comment on your experiences and further recommendations in the comments section below.

To start things off, check out Virtual Staff Finder dot com. This service specializes in the Philippines VA market, which is well known for affordable VAs that speak good English. They test the candidates to ensure they can handle the kind of role you have in mind for them.

Then they come up with 3 candidates for you to interview. They can provide you with advice on things like what you should pay your VA. At the end of the process you will have a VA that you can work with directly. There are no ongoing fees and no further involvement from Virtual Staff Finder after you find the VA that is right for you.

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